Thadou Tribe

Thadous are the single largest tribe in Manipur.
Thadous are in India,Myanmar,Israel and even in the Philipines.

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Posted by Thadous on August 6, 2017 at 3:45 PM

Tuni dt 01-08-2017 (Tuesday ) nin Thadou Students' Association (TSA) CCPUR Branch le Kangvai Block lamkei nan lhang sunga Govt school ho vilna (Inspection ) aga kinei na a, *Kangvai Hr. Sec School* le *INA Memorial Govt.High school,Ukhatampak ccpur District school a simlai (students) hotoh phatchom khat kihou khom na akinei na akon in, students hon hahsat na ato ule angei chat ho phabep akihe doh in,hichu ahi le :

*1. Headmaster le Teachers kim khat school kai hoi lou.*

*2. Students ho adia Government akon a facility amu diu dol aphatcha mulou.*

*3. School infrastructure ( Toilet,School fencing,Drinking water,Computer class ) ahiding bang a aum lou jeh a,students hon hahsat na atoho.*

*4. Syllabus cover jou lou ding din mun a um.*

Achunga kisei ho cheng hi tunin TSA inspection team in,mittah a, mu le jah ahi hi phamo akisan,Students ho tilkhouna akinei peh in,panna thei chan a panpi ding in vailhah na akinei in ahi.

Hijeh chun chapang hodia facilities ahin peh ho hi,students hokom a lhung hinam ti hi, phatah a, avetsui diu vin govt. hengah ngehna ahung kinei e._

Chuban a hitobang students hon hahsat na atokit nalou diuva,TSA in Hitobang school inspection hi kichepi jom jing ding ahijeh in, Parents hole Students hon tuni tobang a nei kithopi jing nalai diu vin ngehna le taona ahung kinei e.


Secy., Info.

TSA kangvai Block

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