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Thadous are the single largest tribe in Manipur.
Thadous are in India,Myanmar,Israel and even in the Philipines.

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Recognition of Kuki Tribal Dialect, in the school up to Class-VIII

Posted by Thadous on June 21, 2017 at 11:50 PM




Subject: Recognition of Kuki Tribal Dialect, in the school up to Class-VIII

This is a proposal for recognition of Kuki Dialects as part of the Tribal Dialect of the State of Manipur as requested by the Chairman Kuki Literature Society, Manipur. The matter has been processed for examination by the State Government as proposed by the Director, Language Planning & Implementation, Manipur.


2. There are 39 (thirty nine) Tribal Dialects in the State of Manipur out of which 17 (seventeen) Dialects viz Thadou-Kuki, Paite, Hmar, Tangkhul, Vaiphei, Kom, Kabui/Rongmei, Poumai, Gangte, Mao, Zou, Mizo, Liangmei, Maram, Anal, Maring and Simte have already been recognized. For the remaining 22 (twenty two) dialects, action is being taken up to introduce the same after proper examination in course of time.


3. The recognition of Tribal Dialects is awarded on fulfillment of the following conditions as have been done in earlier cases.


(i) The population of the tribe seeking recognition of its language/dialect will be not less than 10,000 (ten thousand).


(ii) Availability of adequate supplementary reading materials such as Newspapers, pamphlets and weekly magazines etc.


(iii) Availability of Text book writers in the language/dialect.


4. The proposed Tribal Dialect – Kuki fulfill all the criteria mentioned above for recognition in the schools up to Class VIII and deserve due consideration for recognition as their population, number of Villages, schools located in the area and available teaching/learning materials required by the Director of Language Planning and Implementation, Manipur vide this letter dated 26-08-2015 (copy enclosed). The brief facts are indicated below.


Tribal language/ dialect: Kuki


Population: 28,303


No. of Kuki village: 55


No. of schools: 55


Available supplementary reading materials: 31


5. Benefits of recognizing Tribal Dialects


(i) Tribal children shall learn their Mother Tongue in schools.


(ii) Children learn better in their Mother Tongue


(iii) Children whose primary language is not taught in schools are more likely to drop out of school.


(iv) The youngest members of Tribal communities can keep their linguistic heritage by learning their Mother Tongue from the beginning.


6. In view of above, proposal for recognition of Kuki dialect is placed before the Cabinet for consideration and approval.


7. Hon’ble Minister Education (S) Manipur has approved the proposal.


8. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur has also agreed to place the matter before the Cabinet.


(H. Deleep Singh)


Secretary, Education(S)

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