Thadou Tribe

Thadous are the single largest tribe in Manipur.
Thadous are in India,Myanmar,Israel and even in the Philipines.

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Recognition of Kuki Tribal Dialect, in the school up to Class-VIII

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Subject: Recognition of Kuki Tribal Dialect, in the school up to Class-VIII

This is a proposal for recognition of Kuki Dialects as part of the Tribal Dialect of the State of Manipur as requested by the Chairman Kuki Literature Society, Manipur. The matter has been processed for examination by the State Government as proposed by the Director, Language Planning & Implementation, Manipur.


2. There are 39 (thirty nine) Tribal Dialects in the State of Manipur out of which 17 (seventeen) Dialects viz Thadou-Kuki, Paite, Hmar, Tangkhul, Vaiphei, Kom, Kabui/Rongmei, Poumai, Gangte, Mao, Zou, Mizo, Liangmei, Maram, Anal, Maring and Simte have already been recognized. For the remaining 22 (twenty two) dialects, action is being taken up to introduce the same after proper examination in course of time.


3. The recognition of Tribal Dialects is awarded on fulfillment of the following conditions as have been done in earlier cases.


(i) The population of the tribe seeking recognition of its language/dialect will be not less than 10,000 (ten thousand).


(ii) Availability of adequate supplementary reading materials such as Newspapers, pamphlets and weekly magazines etc.


(iii) Availability of Text book writers in the language/dialect.


4. The proposed Tribal Dialect – Kuki fulfill all the criteria mentioned above for recognition in the schools up to Class VIII and deserve due consideration for recognition as their population, number of Villages, schools located in the area and available teaching/learning materials required by the Director of Language Planning and Implementation, Manipur vide this letter dated 26-08-2015 (copy enclosed). The brief facts are indicated below.


Tribal language/ dialect: Kuki


Population: 28,303


No. of Kuki village: 55


No. of schools: 55


Available supplementary reading materials: 31


5. Benefits of recognizing Tribal Dialects


(i) Tribal children shall learn their Mother Tongue in schools.


(ii) Children learn better in their Mother Tongue


(iii) Children whose primary language is not taught in schools are more likely to drop out of school.


(iv) The youngest members of Tribal communities can keep their linguistic heritage by learning their Mother Tongue from the beginning.


6. In view of above, proposal for recognition of Kuki dialect is placed before the Cabinet for consideration and approval.


7. Hon’ble Minister Education (S) Manipur has approved the proposal.


8. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur has also agreed to place the matter before the Cabinet.


(H. Deleep Singh)


Secretary, Education(S)


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Imphal, the 20th June, 2017

1. Thadou Students’ Association, General Headquarters in akiphudoh akon ana kichepi jing chu Thadou tribe kisuhtup ding ti ahi. Chuleh Kuki kiti hi tribe tamtah kipun khomna ahi ti aki hen, aki chepi jing jong chu ahi. Hinlah vangset umtah in tu leh tu hin Kuki min a kiloi khomna hi Thadou bouseh ahidan aki muchen in phamo akisa lheh jeng e. Hijeh a hi Thadou leh Kuki hi kina leh kidou dan a mipi in agel khah ahi.

2. Thadou pao hi Kuki pao ahi tin mi ijat hamkhat in ahin sei a pat in unao tribes hotoh kipun/kivop khomna hi alhasam lheh tai. Hinlah TSA in atup thupi pen hi Thadou tribe kisemtup di hijong leh agel thupi vang hi inampi u Kuki min a unao tribes hotoh kipunkhom ding hi ahi.

3. Tuchung ISTV adia Mr Ngampao Haokip in Thadou-Kuki leh Kuki channel tia ahin boldoh got toh kilhon a social media lah dung a kinielna hi atamlheh tan, phatlang mano ding kinep aum e. Hitoh kilhon a TSA heng a open letter tia ana jih chu suh minset naleh adihlou ana hi najal a TSA leh ama kikah a kihoucham na ana um in ahi.

4. ISTV channel min dia Kuki leh Thadou-Kuki tia nammin/kiloi khomna min ho hi pansah loudia ngaidan ana kiseikhom toh lhon in TSA thalheng a Mr Michael Lamjathang Haokip, Secretary General, TSA-GHQ in Kuki Channel tia namin vo nachung a Mr P. Prafulo, President, ISTV toh akihou nahi complaint abol ahi pon, ama macham a jong abol ahi poi. Hitobang ngohna dihlou va Mr Ngampao Haokip in social media a ana thethang hi adih pon, adom son le le jousen jong nangah tah diu chuleh post kibolsa jouse jong ladoh cheh dia tiemna leh hetsahna akinei in ahi.

5. Mr Michael Lamjathang Haokip hi Secretary-General, TSA-GHQ hina a official correspondence ahina dol a aboldia lom abol ahin, chang mimal hina a koiman asei lou ding, alah lou ding, TSA hina a abol ahi tin hetsahna leh phondohna ahung kinei in ahi. Chuleh ama mimal leh insung miten jong thulhem thethang a thuphalou, adihlou va kingohna ho jouse hi lhasetna, thasetna leh lungneo na a gellou ding in tiemna akineiye.

6. ISTV thusoh a “Thadous Demand Recognition as Distinct Tribal Community” kiti leh “2.15 Lac Thadous not a part of Kuki or any” kiti hi ISTV te misinterpretation/ledoh khel ahi. TSA in hitobang hi aseikha pon ahi, seijong aseilou ding ahi. Hitoh kilhon a suhchetna ISTV heng a akinei tai.

7. TSA members & supporters hon placard a slogan adop nao lim ho thuphalou leh thucheng melse ho jouse hi personal character assassination ahi tah jeh a akinthei pen a post/comment bol jousen kilahdoh cheh ding a tiemna leh ngehna jong akinei in ahi.

8. Nampi damna ding in koiman fake account a thusei talou va, eima hina dihtah kicheh tah a pilhing tah in kihoukhom, kithokhom joding in temna leh hetsahna ahung kineiye. Chuleh mimal a koiman koimacha agih lou ding in temna leh ngehna ahung kinei in ahi.



Secretary, Information & Publicity



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Office of the Thadou Students' Association, General Headquarters

*C I R C U L A R*

Imphal, the 5th June, 2017

TSA/GHQ/2017/SF-02: CWC Meeting Kilolna No. 9 dated 20/05/2017 leh Kilolna No. 4 dated 03/06/2017 teni dung juiya TSA Lapi hi original a khumna (recording) leh motion picture bolding aki phatsah toh kilhon in donors ding hol ahin, ngailutna jal a kiphalna kham a kipedoh ding a ngehna ahung kinei e.

Account No. : 35616863696 Name : Lhaineikim

Bank & Branch : State Bank of India, Churachandpur Branch IFSC : SBIN0006182

2. TSA Anthem ana kikhum masa pen chu Pi Ncy Doungel, asemnu in a okai leh ala cheng adihlouna themkhat aum in khum phatdi ati. Chuleh, Thadou sung a lasa them minthang Boijang, Thengnu leh Lamneilhing tehon asah diu ahi.

3. TSA hi sum leh pai ahahsat jeh in seinom lou sa sa alouthei lou ahitah jeh a hung kisei ahi. Hijeh chun Thadou tribe ngailutna jal in ijo kham khamin pan lacheh uhite.


Secretary Finance

TSA-GHQ Mobile No.: 8131081930


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Office of the

*Thadou Students'Association*

General Headquarters.


_Imphal, the 8th June, 2017_

*TSA/GHQ/2017/CIR-04:* TSA Constitution Article No. 26 & 31 toh kilhon in achesa nisim 20-05-2017 CWC meeting resolution No. 5 & 12 leh 07-06-2017 CWC meeting resolution No. 1(a) dung juiya, Auditors – 3, Election Commission – 3 post, Vice-President (External) – 1 leh Secretary, Games & Sports ho hi TSA-GHQ adia vacancy um ahi. Hijehchun ahung lhung ding nisim 17th June, 2017 nikho leh Special Assembly a Election umding ahi.

Sl. No. Name of Post Eligibility No. of post

1. *Auditors*

Qual: 1. Expert in account and Audits.

2. Clear concepts of Thadou Tribe and principle ideology of Thadou bodies. - 3 Nos.

2. *Election Commission*

*(Chief Election Commissioner – 1, Election Commissioner – 2)*

Qual: 1. Clear concepts of Thadou Tribe and principle ideology of Thadou bodies.

2. Serves TSA as CWC or EM for 1 term. - 3 Nos.

3. *Vice-President (External)*

Qual: 1. 10+2 qualification who at least serves TSA as CWC or EM for 1 term.

2. 25 years above with physically, mentally fit and sound and in solvent state. - 1 No.

4. *Secretary, Games & Sports*

Qual: 1. 10+2 qualification who at least serves TSA as CWC or EM for 1 term.

2. 25 years above with physically, mentally fit and sound and in solvent state. - 1 No.

*Note:* Nomination Paper hi Secretary-General, TSA-GHQ (Mobile No. 8892435189) kom a lahthei ahi. Chuleh, last date of Nomination hi 14th June, 2017 ahi.



Vice-President (Admn)


_*Copy to:-*_

_1. The President/Secretary, All Branches/Blocks of TSA._

_2. The President/Secretary, Thadou Inpi, General Headquarters for kind information._

_3. The Editor, Eimi Times, New Lambulane for kind publication as news item._

_4. Office copy._

MOU with Mr.Paoneo and TSA GHQ

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Memorandum of Understanding

Wednesday, the 7th June, 2017

Pu Ngampao Haokip @ M Paoneo Haokip in achesa nisim 3rd June, 2017 nikho a TSA-GHQ henga Open Letter apehtoh kilhon a kihetkhelna umchu, TSA-GHQ in summons ana kibol toh kilhon in tuni nikho in M Paoneo Haokip in TSA-GHQ henga TSA-GHQ Office, Haokip Veng a Central Working Committee, TSA-GHQ masang a ngaidam athum e. Angaidam thum chu TSA-GHQ in akisan peh toh kilhon in, kihetkhelna jouse chu kingaidam to ahitai.




Thadou Feature Film


1. TSA-GHQ thalheng





2. M Paoneo thalheng





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_*Kangvai Block*_

*Motto* : _"March Forward"_


```Kangvai SDO jurisdiction sunga um Themjil na mun ho amachal na dingle akitup nading deina jeh leh, students ho hahsatna atohou aphatcha hetdoh ahina dingle, kithopi ahina thei ding in, anoi a hin,Students ho muthei le hetthei din TSA-KB EM contact No.ahung kitah lang e.```

# _*official email*_ : [email protected]

# Official Facebook Page : TSA Kangvai Block,Churachandpur.

# _*Advisors*_ : [email protected]

# *President* : _Thangminlun Haokip_

Email : [email protected]


# *Vice-President* : _Haominthang Singson_

Email : [email protected]


# *General Secretary* : _Lunminlal Haokip._

Email :


# *Asst.Gen.Secy* . _Letminlen Haokip_

Email : [email protected]


# *Education & Statistics Secretary* : _Mangcha Haokip_

Email :


# *Asst.Edn & Statistics* : _Jamkhanthang_

Email : [email protected]


# *Social & Culture Secretary* : _Lulun Lhouvum_

Email : [email protected]


# *Finance Secretary* : _Lunkhohao Kipgen_

Email : [email protected]


# *Information Secretary* : _Paotinsei Haokip._

Email : [email protected]



Paotinsei Haokip

*Information secretary*

_Thadou Students' Association_

_Kangvai Block._


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Saturday 20th May 2017

Induction program for new executive members was held today at Hmar Veng,Ccpur. The six newly inducted members are Lhingpichong, Nengpichong, Lamneihoi, Chinneikim, Nemneihoi and Lalsat.

The oath taking ceremony was headed by Mangcha Chongloi, Speaker TYA-GHQ. Exhortational and informational speeches were delivered by Helal Sithlou, President TYA-GHQ, Thangminlen Haokip, Secy.General, TYA-GHQ and Mangcha Chongloi, Speaker TYA-GHQ for the newly inducted members to acquire broader knowledge, ideas and understanding on the ideology of TYA motives and also to cope with the social issues and problems faced in today's society, and also to ensure that best solutions are sought to adress these problems and challenges. The induction program was closed with a prayer by Mangcha Chongloi, Speaker TYA&GHQ


Manggou Kipgen

Asst. Secy Publicity and Propaganda


Thadou Inpi Tengnoupal District kisemdohta

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Tengnoupal,20th may 2017:

Tunin Thadou Inpi Tengnoupal district ana kiform doh ta.

1.president--pu Seithang Haokip

2.Vice prez - Pu,Nehlam kipgen

3. Secretary -Pu. Jampao Haokip

4.Joint secy. - Pu. Lenboi Lhouvum

5.Finance secy.-Pu Lalcha Lhouvum

6.Treasurer-Pu Sei ja Singson

7.Information secy. -Pu Paokholun Haokip


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The 27th April, 2017

The Thadou Students’ Association, General Headquarters (TSA-GHQ) appreciates the Core Committee (a conglomeration of various CSOs, NGOs, Student Organizations, Meira Paibi Lups, Activists, etc.) for successfully organising the mass rally & public meeting against the Phaknung gang rape on 14 April, 2017 at Khunthokkhanbi, Thangmeiband, Imphal on 27th April, 2017.

We urge the people of Manipur to stand up in unison against this kind of heinous crime and make Manipur a safe place for all. Manipur should not be converted into a crime state thereby creating fear and insecurity for women & children. There is no excuse for rape, and TSA strongly disagrees with the recent press statement of some Meira Paibi Lups which tried to blame the victims rather than the perpetrators of the crime. Moral policing would not really help improve women safety. Sexual violence against women does happen even at home and in their own bed.

The alleged gang rape and subsequent murder of Th Manorama in 2004 that led to widespread protests across the state allegedly took place after she was picked up from her home in Imphal. Women organisations are supposed to be the ones to better empathise with rape survivors and better understand that rape does not discriminate and that rape survivors do not need to be retraumatised, but feel supported. Every possible support should be given to the victims to ensure that they are not retraumatised and justice is delivered to them in a timely and efficient manner.

The government should not undermine the sentiments of the general public and should investigate the authenticity of the claim that rapists are Juveniles by conducting an ossification test and verifying original educational certificates from class VIII through to class X or the highest qualification of the rapists. This is necessary in light of the possibility of fake birth certificates, unless actually issued at the time of birth, and other age proof documents being obtained in Manipur just to get away with the system.

We urge the police and court to expedite the case as per Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences, 2012 Act and sentence the accused as early as possible.

TSA would also like to urge the government especially the Child Welfare Committee and State Commission for Protection of Child Rights to take-up necessary rehabilitation and adequately compensate the victims as early as possible.



Secretary, Information & Publicity



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