Thadou Tribe

Thadous are the single largest tribe in Manipur.
Thadous are in India,Myanmar,Israel and even in the Philipines.

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Posted by Thadous on April 27, 2017 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The 27th April, 2017

The Thadou Students’ Association, General Headquarters (TSA-GHQ) appreciates the Core Committee (a conglomeration of various CSOs, NGOs, Student Organizations, Meira Paibi Lups, Activists, etc.) for successfully organising the mass rally & public meeting against the Phaknung gang rape on 14 April, 2017 at Khunthokkhanbi, Thangmeiband, Imphal on 27th April, 2017.

We urge the people of Manipur to stand up in unison against this kind of heinous crime and make Manipur a safe place for all. Manipur should not be converted into a crime state thereby creating fear and insecurity for women & children. There is no excuse for rape, and TSA strongly disagrees with the recent press statement of some Meira Paibi Lups which tried to blame the victims rather than the perpetrators of the crime. Moral policing would not really help improve women safety. Sexual violence against women does happen even at home and in their own bed.

The alleged gang rape and subsequent murder of Th Manorama in 2004 that led to widespread protests across the state allegedly took place after she was picked up from her home in Imphal. Women organisations are supposed to be the ones to better empathise with rape survivors and better understand that rape does not discriminate and that rape survivors do not need to be retraumatised, but feel supported. Every possible support should be given to the victims to ensure that they are not retraumatised and justice is delivered to them in a timely and efficient manner.

The government should not undermine the sentiments of the general public and should investigate the authenticity of the claim that rapists are Juveniles by conducting an ossification test and verifying original educational certificates from class VIII through to class X or the highest qualification of the rapists. This is necessary in light of the possibility of fake birth certificates, unless actually issued at the time of birth, and other age proof documents being obtained in Manipur just to get away with the system.

We urge the police and court to expedite the case as per Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences, 2012 Act and sentence the accused as early as possible.

TSA would also like to urge the government especially the Child Welfare Committee and State Commission for Protection of Child Rights to take-up necessary rehabilitation and adequately compensate the victims as early as possible.



Secretary, Information & Publicity


Thadou Tribe recognise bol nadinga Haokip sunga lamkai ho bio-data

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1956 a Thadou tribe recognise bolding nading a lamkai panla ho lah a Haokip sunga lamkai ana pang ho

1. Pu Paolen Haokip, Chief of Saitu. (Ex-MLA)

2. Paokhohang Haokip, Ex-MLA.

3. Mangkhothong Haokip, President HPC


Brief Bio.


1. Pu Paolen Haokip

Pu Paolen Haokip was born in 1918. He died inJune, 2013.

He joined Indian National Congress in 1957 and remained as a loyal congressman till 1973.Right from the time when Manipur was a Territorial Council, he served the people as the MLA of Churachandpur from 1957 to 1972 .

And after Manipur attained Statehood, he was elected as an MLA from Saitu A/C in 1973.


2. Pu Paokhohang Haokip

1. 1923 in Saitol Khullen, CCpur Dist. Manipur , muna anapenge.

2. Themjilna namun ho : Chinga Hill L.P School, Imphal (1938-42), Johstone Hr. Sec. School (1946-50), St. Edmun’s College, Shillong (1951-55)

3. Vice President Manipur State Congress Committee (MSCC) 1957 le Secy. CLP

4. 1967 kumin Tengnoupal Constituency akonnin MLA anahi in ahi.

5. 1962 leh 1963 kum in A.I.R, Imphal a Thadou programme a Lakoila sa masapen in anapange.

6. 1997 kum in Khanglui-Khangthah Lakoila tia labuh Author chu anahi.

7. 1997 kum in Thusim thum tia Ahsijolneng, Gaalngam leh Moutinchaan tin thusimbu anasun in ahi.


3. Pu Mangkhothong Haokip.

Pu Mangkhothong Haokip hi pu Sehpu Haokip pa ahi. Pu Sehpu hi Ex-MLA, Henglep (ST) Churachandpur ahi. Pu Mangkhothong damlai a Haokip phungpi President ana hilai 1981 kuma chun Haokip tehi Thadou tribe ahinao photchetna anabol un ahi.…/an-open-letter-to-haokip-phungpi-cou…/


Pu leh pate chu Thadou chapa tin ana kihanlho ji un ahi. Hiche hi tua hin Thadou tribe hi mihem min a kon a kila doh ahi tin T. Lunkim jui sesen asei un ahi. Hiche hi het ding khat chu eiho hi kihanlho te ihi uvin kihan lho na a Thek/Tak chapa Thadou chapa tia pu le paten ana sap ji u ahi. Thadou chu mihem mong a kisei hilou in kihanlhona a inam min kimang ahi. Kuki jong hi mihem hilou hel chu Kuki chapa nakiti un Kuki chapa kiti chula nasei boi pou vin Thadou chapa kiti hi seiboi ding nahol kit un ahi. Hiche hi Thadou ho na kitil ngol jeh uva hitobang seiboi ding naki hol u ahi.

*TSA DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATION COMMITTEE* Advertisement & Publicity Sub-Committee

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*_Time Activity Schedule for Conduct of TSA Diamond Jubilee 2017_*

*Submitted for Approval*

_1. Formal Launching of TSA DJCC Logo | Saturday, May 6, 2017_

_2. Formal Launching of TSA DJCC Theme | Saturday, May 29, 2017_

_3. Formal Launching of TSA DJCC Theme Song | Saturday, 24 June, 2017_

_4. Formal Launching of TSA DJCC T-Shirt | Saturday, July 8, 2017_

_5. Dispatch of TSA DJCC Invitation | Saturday, 5 August, 2017_

_6. Launching of Logo Stickers for Vehicles and Hoardings as Publicity | Saturday, August 26, 2017_

_7. Opening Ceremony of TSA DJ Football Trophy | Saturday, September 15, 2017_

_8. Releasing of TSA DJCC Full Program | Saturday, September 30, 2017_

_9. Opening of TSA DJ Icon | Saturday, October 7, 2017_

_10. Hosting of TSA DJ Extracurricular Activities Competition for Various School Students | Saturday, October 14, 2017_

_11. Grand Finale of DJ Trophy & DJ Icon | Saturday, October 22, 2017 | Ngahmun Village & Community Hall._

_Subjected to Approval by DJCC Core Members after deliberate discussions. Input/Feedback is always welcome for DJ successes!_



Ads & Pub Sub-Committee




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The datas given below are for the Undivided Districts prior to the creation of the 7 new districts. Datas for the new districts will be available only from 2021 census.


(Total population = 271,274)

1. Thadou Kuki : 72,831 = 26.84%

(Thadou = 60,495 = 22.30%, Any kuki = 12,336 = 4.45%)

2. Paite : 52,684 = 19.42%

3. Hmar : 43,255 = 15.94%

4. Vaiphei : 27,347 = 10.06%

5. Zou : 18,656 = 6.87%

6. Gangte : 11,360 = 4.18%

7. Simte : 6848 = 2.52%

8. Kom : 5906 = 2.17%

9. Mizo(any Lushai) : 5143 = 1.89%

10. Kabui = 2843 = 1.04%

11. Chiru : 1134 = 0.41%

12. Suhte : 787 = 0.29%

13. Aimol : 466 =0.17%

14. Others tribes : 5527

Total Tribal population of the district : 254,787 = 93.92%

Non tribals : 16,487 = 6.07%


Total Population = 144,182

1. Thadou Kuki = 48, 317 = 33.51%

(Thadou = 47,001, Any Kuki tribes = 1316)

2. Anal = 22,923 = 15.89%

3. Maring = 22,872 = 15.86%

4. Lamgang = 7425 = 5.15%

5. Zou = 4859 = 3.27%

6. Chothe = 3063 = 2.12%

7. Vaiphei = 2960 = 2.05%

8. Gangte = 2712 = 1.88%

9. Aimol = 2468 = 1.71%

10. Moyon = 2396 = 1.66%

11. Monsang = 2372 = 1.64%

12. Kom = 1633 = 1.13%

13. Tangkhul = 1093 = 0.75%

14. Tarao = 676 = 0.67%

15. Mizo = 565 = 0.39%

16. Paite = 300 = 0.20%

17. Hmar = 178 = 0.12%

Total tribal population of Chandel district = 128,280 = 88.97%


Total Population = 479,148

1. Poumai Naga = 127,096 = 26.52%

2. Thadou Kuki = 98,100 = 20.47%

(Thadou = 85,390 , Any Kuki tribes = 12,710 smile emoticon=)

3. Mao = 92,351 = 19.27%

4. Maram = 27,407 = 5.71%

5. Kacha Naga(liangmai + zemei) = 20,437 = 4.26%

6. Tangkhul = 10,372 = 2.16%

7. Vaiphei = 9955 = 2.07%

8. Chiru = 4996 = 1.04%

9. Kom = 4683 = 0.97%

10. Koirao = 4388 = 0.91%

11. Kabui = 4309 = 0.89%

12. Maring = 2698 = 0.56%

13. Koireng = 1220 = 0.25%

14. Any Mizo = 1024 = 0.21%

15. Gangte = 853 = 0.17%

16. Kharam = 754 = 0.15%

17. Hmar = 158 = 0.03%

18. Aimol = 148 = 0.03%

19. Paite = 145 = 0.03%

Total tribal population of the district = 412,210 = 87.49%


Total Population = 140,651

1. Kabui = 78,193 = 55.59%

2. Kacha Naga = 43,423 = 30.87%

3. Thadou Kuki = 6669 = 4.74%

(Thadou = 5892, Any Kuki tribes = 777)

4. Gangte = 1610 = 1.14%

5. Chiru = 1542 = 1.09%

6. Vaiphei = 515 = 0.36%

7. Hmar = 438 = 0.31%

Total tribal population = 134,626 = 95.71%


Total Population = 183,998

1. Tangkhul = 160,439 = 87.19%

2. Thadou Kuki = 8851 = 4.81%

(Thadou = 8743, Any Kuki tribes = 108)

3. Vaiphei = 530 = 0.28%

4. Tarao = 278 = 0.15%

Total tribal population = 173,606 = 94.35%


Thadou-Kuki = 8628(Thadou = 7596, Any kuki=1086)

Hmar = 4255(most of them resides in the newly created Jiribam District)

Paite = 2349.

Kom = 2190.

Vaiphei = 1614.

Any Mizo = 724.

Zou = 687.

Gangte = 630.

Total ST Population of Imphal West + Imphal East district = 24161 + 27657 = 51818

Percentage of ST population to the total combined population of Imphal East and West = (51818/967344) X 100 = 5.36%

Percentage of ST population to total Population of Imphal West district = (24161/514,683) X 100 = 4.69%

Percentage of ST Population to total Population of Imphal East district = (27657/452,661) X 100 = 6.11%

(Imphal West le East district a tribe wise population percentage share a ki khot lou na ajeh chu a percentage a nem jeh ahin, chejeh a hi total ST population percentage bou hung ki tah doh ahi)

Source :


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The 24 April, 2017

Ahung lhung ding 29-30 Oct., 2017 nikho sung a TSA Diamond Jubilee iman na diuva hin social media manchah ding apoimo toh kilhon a anoiya ho cheng bou hi kimang ding ahi tin mipi ho hetsahna ahung kinei e.

o Official Email : [email protected]

o Official Facebook Group :

1. TSA-GHQ :


o Official Facebook Page : TSA DIAMOND JUBILEE or

o Official Facebook Event : TSA Diamond Jubilee Celebration 2017

o Official Twitter : TSA DIAMOND JUBILEE or @tsa_ghq

o Official Instagram : TSA DIAMOND JUBILEE

o Official WhatsApp Group : TSA DIAMOND JUBILEE

Please Message to +91-8974366884 Or

Chuleh, TSA Branch/Block group jouse jong kimang ding ahi.




TSA Diamond Jubilee Celebration Committee


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1857 kum a pat (~100 yrs BEFORE thadou tribe recognition by govt) Thadou literature phatah midang hon eina jihpeh u chuleh eiho lah-a lekhathem masa hon ana jih u lekhabu ho:


Published in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal

Vol XXIV-178ff, by Lt.R.Stewart, 1857.


Printed and published in Shillong, by TC Hudson, ICS 1906.


Printed and published by Linguistic Survey of India

Vol-III, Part-III, by GA Grierson, ICS (1902).


Published by Dr.M.S.Thirumalai

Centre Institute of India,

Manasagotri, Mysore-6 (1971)



By Longkhobel Kilong, 1924.


By Teba Kilong, 1926.


By Ngulhao Thomsong, 1927.

8. THADOU THUSIM BU (Folk Tales)

By William Pettigrew, 1926.


By William Shaw, ACS in 1929.


By Central Institute of Linguistic,

Govt.of India, 1971.


By Central Institute of Linguistic,

Govt.of India .


By Shri Krishnan, Anthropological Survey of India, 1980


Zeitschriff for Ethnologic, Vol-70 of 1958

By Kauffman J.


Zeitschriff for Ethnologic, Vol-73 of 1941.

By Kauffman J.

15. Zuchtung biologische BeoBachtungen inder Schweinesucht beider Naga and Thadou Kuki in Assam Beologic Generalis, Vol-14, 1938.


Man of India, 1922 By Hutton J.H., CIF, MA & SC.


By T.C. Hudson, 1905


By G.A. Grierson, KCIE, Ph.D, D.Litt, LLD, 1904.


By W. Shaw, 1928.

TSA condemns rape of two school children, calls for preventive measures.

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PRESS RELEASE Imphal, the 20th April, 2017

TSA condemns rape of two school children, calls for preventive measures.

The Thadou Students’ Association - General Headquarters (TSA-GHQ) vehemently condemns the inhumane act of seven gang members who raped two school going students on the fateful night of Good Friday/Cheiraoba i.e, 14 April, 2017 near Lamlong Bazar in Imphal East district. TSA appreciates the Manipur police team who investigated the matter promptly and arrested the culprits. We would like to request the state authority to take up the issue with utmost attention and expedite the case within the timeframe as stated by the POCSO law in bringing timely justice. The state authority must punish the perpetrators with the most stringent action according to the law of the land, and none of them should be spared. It is laudable that Mrs Nemcha Kipgen, Hon’ble Minister for Social Welfare, Govt of Manipur, personally intervened into the matter and assured all possible support to the highly traumatised victims and their families. We would like to appeal to the public to be cautious and sensitive while discussing the incident, bearing in mind that as per POCSO law, revealing of victim’s identity is a punishable offence. It is so important that every woman and child feels safe and secure at home and outside in the community that no development can take place in any society without it, and the very purpose of education would be defeated when our women and children do not feel safe in the community and their rights violated. There is no excuse for rape and sexual assault in a civilised society, and as such every member of our society must say a big no to it, and all civil organisations and public along with the government must put up a strong fight against any form of sexual assault and violence against women and children. We would like to urge the state government to take up necessary action and work with the community to effectively bring about preventive measures or systems in the state to ensure that such incidents of sexual assault do not recur in the future. Sd/- (MICHAEL LAMJATHANG HAOKIP) Secretary-General TSA-GHQ Mobile No.: +91-8892435189

TCF 2016 video online ajong vetthei hita

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A Must Watch

An awesome documentary of the THADOU people.

Thanks to the production team!

#Thadou #Hun #TCF2016 #Manipur

TSA in COHSEM thulhuh pachatna pe; Grace-Mark ngeh

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Imphal, Apr. 11(ET): Tuchung Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur (COHSEM) vaisaina noiya chelha class XII themvetna “Higher Secondary Examination (HSE)”, 2017 a Physics paper kibol chu, vangset umtah in 9:15 a.m. vel in centre munkhat akon in marks li (4) umna question chu photo aki kapdoh in WhatsApp leh Facebook mangcha in ana kithe thang in ahi.

Hitoh kilhon in Chairman, COHSEM vaisaina noiya kihoulimna (Meeting) chu achesa nisim 9th April nikho chun Council Hall, Babupara mun a Manipur pumpi a um simlai kiloikhomna jat chom chom AMSU, DESAM, ANSAM, KSO, TSA, etc. jaona in ana um in ahi. Hiche kihouna a chun simlai ho khankho ding thuseina, maban a panlah ding dan, question hin su leak ho matdoh a dan dungjuiya gotna peh loi ding dan ho ana sei khom uve. Chuleh, simlai kiloikhomna achekhom ho jouse toh pan lahkhom ding dan seikhomna chu akihoulim nao anahi.

Hiche kihouna a chun Physic paper leaked leh leaked lou thu seikhomna thupipen ananei uvin ahi. COHSEM akon in thu jouse suhchetna ahina ding a nikho 2/3 vel lut ding ahi dan kihouna a jao TSA lamkai ho akon in thulhut akimun ahi. Chuleh, simlai kiloikhomna atamjon thengthou themvet ahina ding a themvetna velbol kitna ding a ngehna leh tepna anei soh kei un, hinlah achaina thulhuh semding COHSEM ahijeh a COHSEM in aphajo lampi ahin gon ding a kihoulhahna ana kinei e tin TSA lamkaiho akon thulhut chun aseibe e.

Hetthei khat chu COHSEM in April 10 nikho a thuso miho akimupi naova chun Physics paper nikho a question hi themvetna bolna ahijing laiya leaked doh ahi na ban a Police thulhut na akon in akiven ahileh simlai themkhat bouvin amu man ahina ban kit a ijakai jouse apha leh thengthou pen ahina ding gelna in themvetna hi velbol lou ding ahi tin ana phong doh uvin ahi.

Hitoh kilhon a tuni nikho a TSA Imphal Branch akon thulhut kimu dung juiya COHSEM in themvetna velbol lou ding a phajo a agel a adih ahi tai tia phondohna anei hi igel leh hitobang thuhlhuh hahtah dinmun lah a thulhuhna aphatcha ahinsem thei uhi pachatna kapiuve ati. Hitia thulhuhna ahin bol dung jui uva TSA in ahithei ding leh grace marks jong simlai jouse ding a ana kikapdoh marks li (4) hi pecheh ding a COHSEM henga ngehna akinei nalai in ahi, ati.

Hetthei kit khat chu tuchung hi Manipur election jeh a HSE hi lhakhat val in kumdang a sang a angongkai tan, ahunglhung ding May 31 kah a hi result phondoh ahilou leh student tamtah hinkho hi mangthai thei ahi jieh a COHSEM in jong hahsatna tamtah atoh in ahi.

Tonglen Lhouvum TSA-GHQ CWC President thah hita

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Imphal (ET) April 8: Tuni nilhah lang nidan 1:00 p.m. vella pat chun Thadou Students' Association, General Headquarters (TSA-GHQ) adia asangpen Centre Working Committee (CWC) members 11 kilhenna chu Thadou Inpi, General Headquarters (TI-GHQ) makaina noiya Kuki Inn, Imphal mun a ana um in ahi.

Hiche kilhenna a chun gampam akon TSA Branch 5 leh Block 1 in online a vote lhahna anei uvin, Manipur sung a um Branch leh Block ho akon in offline a vote ana kilhah in ahi.

Kiloikhomna a aluchang (President) ding a Tonglen Lhouvum hi ana kilheng doh e. JamesHaokip, Satminthang Kipgen leh Michael Lamjathang Haokip hi Vice-President (Admn), (Ext) leh Secretary-General ding a lhendoh ahiuve.

Lhaineikim, Laljangam Hangshing, Tracy Lhingneihoi, Ngamkholen leh Henkhokai ho cheng hi Secretary Finance, Info. & Pub., Edn & Stat., Soc. & Cult. leh Games & Sports adia ana kilhengdoh in chuleh Thangtinlen Haokip leh Thangminlun Sitlhou hi Secretary-Joint leh Speaker dia lhehdoh ahi.

TI-GHQ akon in Pu Kamboi Kipgen, Secy-Gen hi Returning Officer in apang in, Pu Lalkholen Singson, Speaker hi Presiding Officer a apang in ahi.

Hetthei khat chu TSA hi 1957 kum a Motbung kho a ana kiphutdoh ahin, tukum oct. 29 & 30 teng leh Diamond Jubilee aman diu ahi.


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